Friday, September 16, 2011

i am the worlds most horrible blogger...

...seriously!  as much as i want to blog, i never have the time.  i need to make myself find the time.  i want to write down memories, or in this case blog them, so i can keep them forever and ever.  time is flying.  its been over a year since i've even posted.  how stinkin sad is that?? i cannot believe how fast this year has flow!  it feels like new years eve was just a few weeks ago when in reality it was more than 9 months ago!  heres to (crossing my fingers) trying to get better!

today is my birthday.  i am 28 today and i am happy.  my life is so wonderful and so beautiful.  i can't complain about a thing.  except that i had more time in a day.  but who doesn't wish that.  i am healthy.  i have amazing family and friends who i love.  i have the worlds most incredible husband.  i am busy with photography--very--.  and i am seriously so so happy.  i have a lot on my plate but my stress levels are a lot lower than they were last year...even though i have much more going on.  i've grown so much since turning 27.  i've embraced the fact that i am not a "business minded person" but i work on it every day.  i push to improve artistically and try new things behind the lens.

here's to another year of a fabulous life.  and working hard to keep up with this blog!  happy friday and happy birthday to me!

xo-  amy


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