Friday, September 23, 2011


so i recently jumped on the insanity train and holy hell....i am so sore!  i am on my 5th day today as far as the workouts go.  i wanted to start last week but was so sick and almost coughed up a lung doing the fit test so i decided to wait until this week.  i did however start following the nutrition plan last week and am already noticing a difference in how much energy i have and how i feel.  not a diet, a nutrition plan.  its so easy.  5 meals a day that are around 300 calories.  all very tasty and easy to make.  lots of whole grains.  i have thought for the last year that it was a gluten issue that i have but maybe not.  i have felt fabulous for the last 2 weeks.  i have eaten so many veggies and am so happy about it!  

back to the sore part.  so yeah!  ouch!  i hate my life during the workout but feel so good after.  i haven't sweat this much since high school basketball.  if you know me, you know that i'm not really a "sweater" but this workout proves different.  as of now i would recommend it but only if you are serious.  it's hard.  you will want to quit. i dread doing it.  but after 4 years of being miserable about my weight, its time.  thankfully i have a hubby on board the fitness train as well.  he and i bought a gym membership on july 3rd and have been going. has been working out like a mad man.  in a little over 10 weeks he has lost 40lbs.  i know.  nuts!  he looks so great and feels so good about himself.  its so much easier when you have someone to help push you.  i'm excited to see some changes and am looking forward to a continued "more healthy" lifestyle.  

to find out more about the insanity workout, check out this link to for more info:


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