Monday, October 17, 2011

happy monday friends!!  what a crazy week I had last week!  my dad and a friend came in the thursday before last from my hometown in iowa to hunt elk and after they both had a success last sunday, they spent a majority of their time with me.  they put me to work with packaging the meat, making arrangements to buy a freezer, picking apples and pears to take back to Iowa, going out for breakfasts, and visiting pawn shops.  on top of that I have 5 shoots and a rummage sale to prepare for and carryout!  it was the busiest week i've had in a long time to say the least but it was so nice to have my dad here.  still crossing my fingers that he'll retire and move to utah one day! :)  today I am trying to catch up on email and getting orders processed.  i am behind because of last week and feeling so overwhelmed.  i wanted to take a quick sec though and at least leave a small, more so, un-interesting post (ha) because i made a vow to get better at this.  even if my life is boring and "un-interesting" i still want to record things here and there with hopes that once in a while i'll have more exciting things to talk about.  :)

wanted to share this amazing artist i stumbled upon a few weeks ago.  this song is so sassy and although it may not explain my life at the moment, i still love it for her beautiful voice and amazing skills on the piano.  it makes me mad that i quit piano years back.  maybe one day i'll pick it up again.  i can still read music and play basics, just not as fast as i used to.


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