Thursday, June 24, 2010

Small Town USA

So I'm sitting here listening to a country radio station on Padora and "Small Town USA" by Justin Moore comes on. I know its been on the radio for a while and I've always liked it, but this song just earned itself a new meaning in my heart.

How true, at least from my perspective. And after living in Omaha for years, I swore I'd never go back to a small EVER! But now living in one again, my thoughts are different. Even as I sit here at my dad's dinning room table editing my heart out, back in my small HOMEtown, I am content. Their is a big bay window for me to watch the street. An older man has ridden by on his bicyle a couple of times per day for the last few days. He looks happy. Cars putz along rather than fly by. The Zahnley boys next door keep us entertained, mostly during meal times. Two typical young brothers. The younger one pesters the heck out of his big brother but it makes me smile because it totally reminds me of Katie and I when we were growing up. Growing up right here in this house.

And now I have made my own home, in a small town, that I swore I'd never live in. And I don't know if I could go back to a big city again. Maybe the outskirts of one, but not the heart of it. I can't wait to raise a family in a small town, like how Tony and I both grew up.

One of the lines from the song says "Give me a Saturday night my baby by my side, a little Hank Jr. and a six pack of light, an old dirt road, and I'll be just fine." This is my life now. With my baby by my side. So maybe not Hank Jr...we prefer Brooks & Dunn's classic hits CD. Usually IT IS light beer when we drink, and the dirt road is more of a campsite for us. I'm smiling as I type this, Internet, and I know that we'll be just fine. I love my life right now. I wouldn't change one single thing.


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